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GNA Officer Nominations

A number of positions have been held over from previous years. Those positions, as well as

others, need new volunteers to fill them.

From current, outgoing president, Tommy Daniels:

The GNA provides vital services to our residents and occasional important coordination with city

officials. Holding office or managing a committee doesn't require much time and is the best

investment one can make in keeping Gordonston a great place to live. We especially need fresh

ideas and energy from our younger residents.

Elections will be held at 5 p.m. on December 12 at the park cottage, just prior to the holiday

party. Please consider running or volunteering for the following: President, Vice President,

Treasurer, Cottage Rentals, Membership, Newsletter Distribution, or GNA Email List.

See the included nomination form for more details.

Duties of the GNA Executive Board

PRESIDENT: Responsible for the operations of the Association to include maintenance of

standing committees; formation and dissolution as needed of ad hoc committees; election of

officers every two years; GNA e-mail service.

VICE PRESIDENT: Serves as meeting parliamentarian and other functions as needed. In the

absence of the president performs those duties.

RECORDING SECRETARY: Primarily takes and publishes meeting minutes. Though infrequent, is

also responsible for Association correspondence.

TREASURER: Receives and disperses funds as required by the operations of the Association;

maintains financial records; provides monthly financial reports at membership meetings.

Duties of GNA Standing Committees

MEMBERSHIP: Services the GNA P.O. Box and ensures fee is paid; manages membership

records; accepts membership dues and conveys to Treasurer; contacts and welcomes new


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Coordinates crime prevention activities and neighbor crime

reporting; liaises with police precinct; maintains records of crime incidents.

NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION: Maintains and coordinates the Association newsletter delivery

routes for all Gordonston households.

COTTAGE RENTALS: Maintains rental schedule and records for the cottage; controls keys;

meets and briefs tenants on the rental contract; collects rental deposits and fees; ensures

cottage cleanliness to include inspecting it after each rental; conveys fees and any forfeited

deposits to Treasurer.

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