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From Mike Moran, park steward

There have been some emails about the firewood situation in the park. Over the years many people have taken firewood from the park - no big deal. Maybe this year the volume of wood taken has been a little higher than in years past, and the exceptional amount of rain has left the wood outside of the storage unit rotten. Much of the wood you see over there now, will not be suitable for building fires this year.

For the rest of this season, let's not take anymore wood from the area around the cottage. Over the next few weeks, I'll assess the wood situation and there may be some that will not be suitable for burning beyond this year. If so, I'll move it to a specific area and let people can help themselves. As always,

please do take downed wood from the area away from the cottage. It makes great kindling and I recently chainsawed up some larger pieces. There's also some stacked in the center of the meadow away from the cottage, help yourself.

Thanks for your support in this. The park is the gem of this neighborhood and I love that people can enjoy it as much as I do.

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